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286             A SEARCH IN SECRET EGYPT
She ga^ed long and earnestly into my yes before She spoke Jorth in answer:
"Seven ways are open before thee, 0 See&er. Seven steps await to be mounted by the man who would enter into my secret chamber. Seven lessons must be harm by those of thy human race who would see my face unveiled. Not till thou hast travelled all the ways, climbed alt the steps, and mastered all the lessons canst thou hope to find rest for thy feet or peace for thy soul"
I heard her mellow voice, which seemed to speak with a myriad aons of age behind its calm tones, reverberating across the Great Hall of the Temple.
"What are those ways, 0 divine Mother?"
And She said:
"The Road that leadeth to Many Houses and the Track that Leadeth into the Desert, the Street that Groweth Red Flowers; the Ascent of High Mountains and the Descent into Dark Caves, the Path of Ever-Wandering and the Way of Sitting Still."
I asked:
"What are those seven steps?"
She answered:
"The first is Tears, the second Prayer, the third Work, the fourth Rest, the fifth Death, the sixth is Life and the last is Pity!9
"And what of the seven lessons that man must learn, 0 Mother?"
And She made response:
"Pleasure is the first and easiest, Pain is the next, Hate is the third, Illusion the fourth, Truth the fifth, Love is sixth and Peace must be learnt at the end."
And I wondered at these things.
Then the Mistress of the Hidden Temple withdrew from the Great Hall and I saw that behind her there had been a great golden star, and within the star a radiant crown and two silver crescents. Below the crown there was a white cross, and around the arms of the cross were seven red roses.
And the wall behind was deep blue, and upon it there suddenly appeared many -words, brilliant with light like set jewels.    And of those words I was commanded to read those only which wete at the end. And those words were:
"For Egypt is the imaze of the things of heaven, and truly a temple of the whole world.
"And when Egypt shall have witnessed these things, then that